Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Beginning Of Evolution

I was introduced to the world of DJing in 98'. My cousin was a Mobile DJ in Heber Utah, and he would regularly play at a clubhouse along the Jordanelle Reservoir. The patio of the clubhouse hung out over the water, and every time he would play, the boats on the lake would pull up to the patio to hear the music.

One summer afternoon, after boating all day with my family, my cousin had to leave early to pick up the equipment for that night's dance. It was stored in a trailer, in a warehouse, back in town, and I was invited to go with him to set up.

We picked up the trailer and drove to the clubhouse. I remember moving the speakers across the patio, one for each corner. They were heavy and almost taller than I was. I was immediately impressed just by their shier size. He ran the cables along the outside of the patio to a table close to the building. His CD players, amps, and mixer were contained in one unit/cabinet. He plugged the speaker cables in and let it rip! HOLY CRAP it was loud. The bass cut thru me and made my chest rumble, it was incredible and I immediately fell in love!

The sun was setting and guests started to arrive. It was a 'stomp' for the local high school and the kids arriving were older than me. I was a shy kid, and this intimidated me. I had been watching my cousin play and after a few hours I felt like I had figured out how his equipment worked. He taught me about 'clipping' and keeping the music consistent. He decided to go dance and enjoy some time with his friends, I was left at the helm. I cued up the next song, let the song begin to fade and fired the next track. The crowd went nuts, and I was grinning from ear to ear, and felt like a KING! I did it again and again for what felt like forever. My cousin came over to relieve me, and commented on doing a good job. I was ecstatic, and took off back to the boat to tell my family all about it.

I was hooked, and that summer I was invited back up a few more times to help out with his dances. Best summer of my life!

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