Monday, December 6, 2010

Whistling while I work

Between juggling a day-job, radio job, and DJing every weekend, I'm often told "You need to slow down, you work too much". I have to agree, however I feel as though I'm in a transition period, and things are starting to take shape for me. Not to mention I LOVE WHAT I DO! Well, I may not 'love' the day-job but it isn't terrible. *SHRUG*

Since things aren't unbearable, I have the motivation to stick-it-out and be 'overworked' until I can solidify a few things, but I almost enjoy being this busy. I feel important, and I have been seeing the results almost immediately.

DJ Jarvicious is taking off! I have already accomplished some pretty amazing things. It's now time to start capitalizing on my successes. Stay tuned to see where it takes me.

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