Thursday, March 31, 2011

I would break stuff too!

Today’s blurb (okay, I guess it’s a rant) stems from a post made by the afternoon DJ "Bree" on Mix 107.9's FB page:

"Rihanna wants everyone to lay off Chris Brown, his new album debuted at #1, he apologized for his recent behavior... what would it take for you to re-embrace him?"

Instead of bombarding their wall with my harsh tone, which isn't want she was looking for anyways, I thought I'd do it from the safety of Blogspot.

Chris Brown was on Good Morning America to talk about his new album, and he attempted to gracefully bow out of probing questions that were unnecessary, even detrimental, to the promotion of this album.

Doesn't anyone remember how old he was when this all started? He's not in his 30 folks, he was 19! Everyone was a rebellious teen at some point, and we all did things we're not proud of, but that's how we learn. He's embarrassed by it and that is why he acted out recently.

I would be upset too. He doesn’t need this hanging over his head his for his whole career and it's frustrating that people are trying to use this to define his character. We really SHOULD lay off him! Too much time has passed to do anyone any good, so now you're just aggravating the past.

"Journalists" need to do their jobs and report on what's happening now! I say BAD FORM to Good Morning America and all of its affiliates for forcing it to happen. You don’t cause news to report news and that is ultimately what they’ve done here.

Feel free to debate my argument below.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you thought she was crap then...

This week during 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', prior to Britney Spears taking the stage to perform her new single "Hold it Against Me", Johnny Knoxville shared a clip of the Jackass 3D crew subjecting her (Britney) to the infamous "Poo Cocktail Supreme".

If you've seen Jackass 3D, then you've seen Steve-O on the hot seat. If not, let me set up this mental image for you. Britney is trapped inside a porta-potty which is attached to 2 towers. She is then slingshot high into the air using bungee cords, bouncing up and down until the potty is... well... empty.

The clip shows Britney inside the potty as she is shot into the air. After a while it becomes hard to see as the camera lens becomes... dirty. That said, I'll allow you to imagination what Britney looks like. The funny part to me is they gave her goggles to wear, but they should have given her a full face mask since she spent the whole time screaming... mouth WIDE OPEN!

I won't post the video here, but if you want it I'm sure you could find it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

THE hardest working artists in the business!

So some artists are difficult to get along with, but that is NOT from the case with the FAR EAST MOVEMENT! In my opinion they could be the best thing that happened to the club scene in YEARS!
They went viral with "Like A G6" and have taken Top 40 charts by storm with "Rocketeer". Check out their new video for "OMG (If I Was You)" on their BLOG!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Ja Rule, as seen above with Utah DJ (who was having a bad hair day), might be taking some 'time off'. He is facing up to 5 years in prison for weapons possession and tax evasion.

"On Tuesday, the rapper born Jeffrey Atkins pleaded guilty in a New Jersey Federal Court to two counts of tax evasion, each carrying a maximum one-year sentence.
Agreeing to fork over $1.1 million in back taxes and penalties, the rapper is currently free on $500,000 bail pending sentencing June 13. A week before that, he's scheduled to report to jail to begin serving a three-year sentence for a weapons possession conviction stemming from a 2007 arrest.
According to court reports, the rapper had failed to file tax returns from 2004 to 2008, despite significant revenues from royalty and touring. 2004 was the last year the formerly multiplatinum recording artist had an album of new material in stores. That year's "R.U.L.E." managed to go gold, an impressive feat in today's attenuated record industry, but a minor blip in that more robust era."
- LA Times

Don't worry though, I got a haircut and threw away those glasses. OH and Ja Rule will be fine too.