Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you thought she was crap then...

This week during 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', prior to Britney Spears taking the stage to perform her new single "Hold it Against Me", Johnny Knoxville shared a clip of the Jackass 3D crew subjecting her (Britney) to the infamous "Poo Cocktail Supreme".

If you've seen Jackass 3D, then you've seen Steve-O on the hot seat. If not, let me set up this mental image for you. Britney is trapped inside a porta-potty which is attached to 2 towers. She is then slingshot high into the air using bungee cords, bouncing up and down until the potty is... well... empty.

The clip shows Britney inside the potty as she is shot into the air. After a while it becomes hard to see as the camera lens becomes... dirty. That said, I'll allow you to imagination what Britney looks like. The funny part to me is they gave her goggles to wear, but they should have given her a full face mask since she spent the whole time screaming... mouth WIDE OPEN!

I won't post the video here, but if you want it I'm sure you could find it!

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